Yung PK's INTERACTIVE Biography

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Yung PK, born into a loving and close knit family, comes from a cultured background (not meaning a wealthy background). His mother being from England and his father being from Chicago believed they had to show their son all the world had to offer. Being blessed to have the chance to see the world (Paris, Belgium, London, Toronto, Dublin) and having a family of various religions, races, and ethnicities, he found himself with a wider worldview than others. Only "discovering" hip-hop at the age of 10, he found he had some catching up to do. He tried as adamantly as he could to learn everything about his new favorite genre, all the way back to the days of Sugar Hill Gang, KRS-One and Run-DMC to today's classics. He found himself buying many hip-hop CDs and memorizing the lyrics to all the songs. 

Admiring today's rappers in the game (Kanye West, Lil Wayne, T.I.) he still felt he had a message to give, even in a possibly more positive way than the mainstream. He started off making hip-hop beats at his house and then turned to writing lyrics to his beats as a hobby yet he was still very passionate about it. He only did it for fun as a thing to share with his friends but it wasn't until he met Producer Jay Kim of Keyemup Productions, that his music truly began to take shape. He worked hard to complete his first solo album, The Positive Returns. He saw it as a way to not only show the world his talents but also the talents of others he knew and for that reason he featured some very talented people on the album. American Idol contestant Paige DeChausse, Will Tinner, Matthew McCague, Gil Gutierrez, DeAngelo Brandon, and Dave Smith all played parts in making the album what it is.
The Positive Returns was released early December 2008 on iTunes.

PK, who at the time had already had the opportunity to perform in various states felt he wanted more out of his live performances. So before the end of 2008 Yung PK had compiled an incredibly talented live band to play with him at his shows. On November 17, 2008 the local college Yung PK attended held a talent show with 13 acts. With his energy, lyrical ability, and feel for the crowd Yung PK (as a solo act)
won the Talent show. Two months later, Yung PK and his newly formed band won the Battle of the Bands at the same school. Having connections in various countries and a successful following on YouTube, Yung PK had a strong buzz. In the summer of 2009 Yung PK and his band were chosen and voted in to play at LIFEST, the well renowned Christian Music Festival held annually in Oshkosh, WI.

During this time, PK began to more frequently use Recording software such as Garageband and Logic. He eventually honed his production skills to a place he could only imagine of only 2 short years before that. Now his style and new songs are, as he puts it, "1000 times past my first album." After 2 years, Yung PK and Jamel Kimbrough reconnected in May 2010 with the help of Darius Peterson. After hearing PK's new style and abilities as a producer Jamel
signed PK
to Keyemup Entertainment Group as an artist, writer, and Executive Producer and eventually made him a V.P. on the label. After 9 months of working hard on music and learning more about the music business and recording in those 9 months than he had in his entire life, Yung PK left Keyemup on great terms to concentrate on his own career.

Currently, Yung PK is working on his first solo mixtape "Who I'll Be" which is set for release at the beginning of 2012. The mixtape is a prelude to his sophomore album entitled "Set You Free" which is set for release for Spring 2012. Be on the lookout for great things from Yung PK!